At the recent Interceltic Business Forum in Galway, we were thrilled to facilitate a dynamic panel discussion delving into the intricacies of scaling technology businesses. Our esteemed speakers shared invaluable experiences and insights, shedding light on the challenges, strategies, and triumphs encountered along the scaling journey.

In this illuminating session, leaders from MedScan 3D, Chipright, and Platform 94 took center stage to offer firsthand accounts of their scaling endeavors. From navigating funding landscapes to fostering strategic partnerships, the discussion encompassed key pillars essential for sustainable growth.

Jackie O'Connor, CEO of MedScan 3D, captivated the audience with her company's innovative approach to developing patient-specific anatomical models. With a vision to expand into new markets, Jackie highlighted the pivotal role of partnerships and strategic planning in realizing MedScan 3D's growth ambitions.

Marie Donnellan, CEO of Platform 94, echoed the importance of strategic planning, emphasizing the need for clear goals and effective project management. Marie's insights underscored the significance of community support and leveraging networks for scaling success, particularly in the vibrant ecosystem of the West of Ireland.

Kevin Kane, CEO of Chipright, shared his company's journey from humble beginnings to global expansion. Kevin emphasized the value of defining core values and building a strong team, echoing the sentiment that scaling goes beyond mere funding—it requires a cohesive strategy and relentless focus on execution.

Throughout the discussion, panelists offered actionable advice and candid reflections on the scaling process. From identifying key metrics for success to mitigating risks and pitfalls, each speaker provided invaluable insights drawn from their own entrepreneurial journeys.

As organizers committed to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering growth, we invite you to delve into the full session and glean inspiration from these industry leaders. Click here to watch the video and embark on a transformative journey toward scaling success.


The panel discussion focused on scaling technology businesses and the challenges and strategies involved. The speakers shared their experiences and insights on scaling, funding, partnerships, and the importance of defining core values. They emphasized the need for a strong team, clear goals, and effective project management. The discussion also touched on the opportunities and advantages of scaling businesses in the West of Ireland and the potential for international expansion. The panelists highlighted the importance of building a supportive community and leveraging networks for growth.


Jacqui O’Connor, CEO - Medscan 3D 

Kevin Keane, CEO - Chipright

Marie Donnellan, CEO - Platform 94


-Scaling a business requires more than just funding; it requires a strong team, clear goals, and effective project management.

-Defining core values and finding partners who share those values is crucial for successful scaling.

-The West of Ireland offers unique opportunities for scaling technology businesses, with access to international markets and a supportive community.

-Building a strong network and leveraging connections can help businesses in their scaling journey.

-The panelists emphasized the importance of measuring success, identifying areas for improvement, and having a clear understanding of the value proposition.

Sound Bites

"Scaling is having a firm understanding of who you're serving and the problems that you solve."
"You can't scale chaos. You have to put the kind of structures and policies in place to be able to scale."

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