The Interceltic Scaling Awards has recently emerged onto the entrepreneurial stage, promising to spotlight innovation in often-overlooked Celtic regions. These awards offer not only recognition, but also invaluable support for businesses seeking to expand beyond their borders. For more details, visit Interceltic Scaling Awards.

We caught up with Mark O'Connell, founder of OCO Global, to delve deeper into why his company is a driving force behind this groundbreaking initiative.

In our conversation, Mark shares his insights into the unique challenges and opportunities within Celtic regions and how the awards aim to address them.

Join us as we uncover the motivations behind this exciting event.

Why is now the right time to launch the Interceltic Scaling Awards?

While it is certainly true that there is no shortage of start up and scaling competitions out there, I don’t believe there has ever been one that focuses on Celtic regions which are often overlooked in national programs and have more in common with each other than the nations where they are located. I also believe that the pandemic, Brexit and home/remote working has shone a light on the rich vein of talents and businesses that operate in these unique regions

What should the winners expect?

Apart from the prize money which can help with their scaling ambition, it is the profile, PR networks and access that all entrants, shortlisted and regional and overall winners will receive. And each Celtic nation will be keen to support and reciprocate support from their peers to foster longer term trade and investment linkages. And of course, the regional winners will be honored and recognized at the high profile Interceltic Business Forum in Lorient.

Why is OCO Global the perfect partner for the Awards?

A couple of reasons; we come from a Celtic region and understand the challenges, we have clients, networks and access  in all the Celtic regions, and we are interested in supporting and underwriting our clients' success in international market expansion. We also design and deliver scaling programs for agency partners like Platform 94, Enterprise Ireland, Cardiff Capital Region, Wales Assembly Government, DBT and Cornwall Council and these awards can join many of the dots and mutual aspirations.

Interested in taking part in the Interceltic Scaling Awards ? Learn more here!

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