Sabrina Millien, founder of La Colloc, will be one of the speakers at the upcoming Interceltic Business Forum.

10:15am, Roundtable - Entrepreneurship à la Lorientaise

Sabrina Millien, Founder - La Colloc

Philippe Rouault, President - CCI Morbihan

You're speaking at the Interceltic Business Forum in Galway, why is it important?

I'm eager to speak at the Interceltic Business Forum to have the opportunity to share La Colloc's entrepreneurial journey and discuss our vision of the impact of changes in the world of work and their impact on communities.

What is La Colloc?

La Colloc is a company based in Brittany, founded in 2016, that manages coworking spaces and fosters a community of over 5000 organizations.

Our team consists of 15 people who manage and animate the spaces, as well as share their expertise on coworking and ecosystem animation as a driver for transforming businesses, work practices, and society at large.

Our mission is to contribute to better collaboration through responsible, human-centered, and community-focused coworking spaces.

And what commercial synergies do you hope to create at the forum?

We hope to meet stakeholders in the future of work in Ireland and share our experiences on the impact of new ways of working on communities and local economic life!

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